Top 3 document types that make incoming fax automation so important

Top 3 document types that make incoming fax automation so important

Documents are the blood of every organization and the cornerstone of each business process. Document types range from sales and marketing to financial reports, employment applications, resource forms and business letters. The list continues and continues. While everything is important, this article focuses on three universally received documents purchase orders, invoices and contracts, and how these documents can be received and spread with incoming fax automation.

What is incoming fax automation?

Incoming fax automation is the process where faxes are received by a fax server and distributed to intended recipients via email, network printer, document management system, network directory or database. The fax server routes these faxes using one or more of the following criteria file properties name, date, time, content scanned from OCR or barcode or phone protocol CSID ANI DID or DTMF information.

The main benefits achieved are

Reduced paper and toner consumption

Minimized labor costs

Increased employee productivity The fax is the best place for integration into the workflow.

Document Security Eliminate unauthorized viewing of documents, fax machines or handshake. Fax pages are always archived electronically so documents do not get lost.

Incoming fax automation of purchase orders

Purchase orders are as money in the bank. Fax delivery is a popular way to send purchase orders because it shares the best features of email and snail mail.

Fax delivery is very reliable and verifiable by confirmation report from both sending and receiving faxes.

Purchase orders require a signature and the transfer of signatures by fax is legally binding.

Instant delivery speed processing of the order.

Even if you have a dedicated fax line for receiving purchase orders, it is difficult to get copies of P.O. to all relevant persons and departments in time to ensure customer satisfaction. Orders may be delayed, incorrect or simply misplaced. When customers urge to follow up on P.O. they just faxed, are you ready to answer?

When incoming fax automation solution is completed correctly, all interested parties immediately receive P.O. in the format they need The Sales Representative for the account can get an attached PDF file, while another copy is sent to a printer in Order Entry or Accounts Payable departments.

Incoming Fax Automation of Accounts Payment Invoices

You may have noticed that your suppliers are increasingly using fax billing to reduce their billing costs and reverse costs. With incoming fax automation, you can fine tune your payment routines. The increased efficiency will help you make use of credit terms and fast payment discounts, protect your credit rating, avoid late fees and keep privileged information away from curious eyes.

You can only get these efficiencies if you get the invoices to AP staff in good time. Incoming fax automation makes the process simple and secure. When the fax server receives the invoice, it will be forwarded to the responsible AP staff as an attached e mail, a printed copy or a file stored on the disk. There are no lost or incorrect pages, and no unauthorized reading.

Incoming Fax Automation of Legal Contracts Contract

Signed contracts or contracts that require signatures can be sent by mail too slow, bid too expensive or fax. It is easy to see why faxing is the preferred method. Whether you get contracts that require signatures or signed contracts, the contracts must be easy to read and share with employees. You can not risk losing any pages, especially those with signatures or initials.

Incoming fax automation provides these protection. Faxes received by a fax server are available immediately on the designated recipients desk, which can divide a contract in electronic form and print it to any network printer. You print the contract if you plan to sign it. Signed copies can be automatically archived to a document management system or appropriate site for security purposes.


When implementing the best inbound fax automation solution, organizations make legal and commercial transactions more efficient while reducing manual paper distribution costs. You will have greater control over the security, privacy and location of business information.

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